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Start attracting
Your dream clients

websites, branding, & social media

perfect for small businesses, solopreneurs, & side hustlers


your website is A welcome mat to your business.


Are you welcoming your dream client into your business?

Or is everyone just using it to wipe their feet and leave?

Imagine having clients that you love who value your work so much your biggest hurdle is whether or not you’re available (instead of the number on your price tag)?

It's not just about having a pretty or cool website with pictures and sliders.

Your designer needs to take your hand and help you dive in deep—discover how your clients interact with you. How do they find you? What do they do once they're at your front door?

Land dream clients who adore your work.


What would your life look like...

If you were booked out in advance because you were organically connected with the right people?


Together, we can make that happen.


You know how important it is to have a professional website. 


ARGH! But there's so much to it.

I know what it's like to be a stressed out small business owner and never feeling sure if you're making the right move. 

If you decide toDIY your website and branding, you're never sure you did it right. If you hire a designer you're alway wondering if you're able to afford the on-going maintenance fees. 

Why does it seem like there's no in-between?

What if I told you there was a way to have a beautiful site that attracts your dream client AND it's easy for you to manage yourself?

I've created a solution that eliminates the stress of doing-it-yourself and avoiding hefty maintenance fees all in one shot. 

Get a beautiful website with professional know-how and have a platform that's easy enough for you to take care of it on your own after it launches.


I'm often told by clients that they felt more personally connected to my business because of my new website and new branding materials. I'm constantly getting compliments from clients on my welcome packet.

They love it because it's easy for them to understand what I offer at a glance—I love it because it helps them to decide on a package faster.

Cindy did an absolutely amazing job! I could not be happier with the level of professionalism and creativity.

—Sean, owner of Harborview Studios

2 Weeks to Launch a professional website

2-weeks to launch

It sounds like it would take FOREVER to pull something like that off.

What would you say if I told you that I could discover your brand voice and design website that attracts your dream client for you in 2-weeks?

(Holy smokes!)

Cindy Caughey Squarespace Website Designer, Dream Client Finder

Hi, I'm Cindy

I'm a Squarespace Website designer on a mission to help small businesses, solopreneurs, & side hustlers beat the daily grind and get back to the business they love.

My clients are able to rediscover what makes their business meaningful, speak directly to their dream clients, raise their rates and convert more sales—ultimately getting the life they want and deserve.

Knowledge is power. 

Check out my latest articles on how to grow your small business and connect with dream clients.