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a clear path to the clients and business you want

 Easy Squarespace websites designed with dream clients in mind

websites built with your dream client in mind

When you design for your dream clients, you life changes.

You get the best clients who know your value,—people who aren't just customers but are downright enthusiastic about being able to work with YOU

And you’ll be able to charge a premium for your services—alleviating money stress, giving you the ability to provide the best service possible for your clients, and providing you the confidence you need to move forward instead of staying stuck in Indecisionsville (where they have TERRIBLE margaritas).

My approach is to grant you permission to be who you REALLY are. Because being yourself in business is the only way to find your dream client and finally capture the work/life balance you strive for. 

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2-week website design

The perfect solution for... small businesses and solopreneurs who want a website that works just as hard as they do. 

I'll give you a beautifully branded website that has prospects falling in love with your business at first sight. 

Think about how much less time you'll have to spend selling your services to customers because your website is doing it for you. Your site will attract your dream clients and show them your talent and value right away—making you a clear choice above your competition.

Imagine all you can accomplish with that salvaged sales time! 

Even better, the 2-week website design will have you up and running in exactly 14 days. 

 Get a complete, branded squarespace website in 2-weeks
 3-week branding + website process

3-week website design + Branding

The perfect solution for... small businesses, solopreneurs and side hustlers that are just starting out (or looking for a rebrand). 

Lacking clarity of purpose & your message can make make or break your business.

Together, we'll take the direction and focus for your business to the next level by upgrading your brand identity. You'll stand out from your competition, understand your brand message, have a cohesive look that matches your industry and style.

You'll also get branded collateral pieces to complete the package and woo your ideal customers, getting you hired in no time.

The 3-Week Website Design + Branding package will have you up and running in exactly 21 days. 

1-Day Pop-Up Website

The perfect solution for... busy people who'd rather focus on the business-side of their business.  

The 1-Day Squarespace Website Design was developed for busy professionals who have a need for a website without the time (or budget) it takes for a more lengthy custom process.

You know everything there is to know about your business, you just don't have the time to DIY, which is where I come in. 

You get a gorgeous, professional website but without the lengthy process that custom tailored websites demand.

Ready for you in 24 hours. 

 1-day pop-up squarespace websites

I just had my business website redone, Susan Peavey Travel, and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful. It really makes you feel like you want to be in the picture.

I love it and my guests have said how nice it is too.

—Susan Peavey, owner of Susan Peavey Travel