Harborview Studios Brand + Website Reveal

Harborview Studio was yearning for some big brand changes during the 2017 off season in order to boost his visibility and increase sales. 

In Good Company Design was more than up for the challenge!

 Harborview Studios Brand + Website Reveal

The current challenge

Harborview Studios found themselves unintentionally falling between client brackets—an issue that was causing them to work much harder for sales than they needed to.

Though their look was clean and casual, their high-end wedding videography was geared toward a different clientele than they were currently attracting. 

His strategic goals

Harborview Studios could tell that there was a change in the wedding industry—vendors across the board were having sluggish sales.

Sean wanted to be proactive in his approach so he could increase sales in a time when things were feeling a bit uncertain.

We started to plan for the future

We researched and developed several dream clients to better understand the sales funnel process which lead to us being able to find where Sean's marketing was getting stuck. 

Aside from a beautiful new logo and website, we added new marketing materials, including a welcome packet and services + pricing sheet, that would make the booking process easier than ever before.

We wanted to go over the top and delight his clients—and so we redesigned his final product and how it was delivered.

From the title designs of the film to the custom designed branded mailer packages loaded with goodies—his high-end wedding films were now packaged head-to-toe in eye-popping color.


The rebrand didn't stop there, though. 

In Good Company Design sat down with Sean after having distilled months of website analytic reports and designed a social media plan that would increase engagement with couples and grow his number of followers.

Harborview Studios also decided to add a blog to the site that addressed common concerns couples had about wedding videography. 

All of these changes brought Harborview's visibility way up. 

Their website is now approachable yet addresses all three levels on the sales funnel and can answer questions for any customer.

It's lightening fast to load—a must for any website today, and it's responsive, which means it will look great on any size screen (especially mobile). 

 Harborview Studios Business Cards + Postcards from Moo.com

What we were able to accomplish together


  • Responsive to all devices and lightening fast load-time
  • High-end look and feel to match his product
  • Blog that directly addresses client needs, adding lasting value and attracting leads


  • Timeless and elegant
  • Targeted towards dream couple
  • Full color palette, patterns, language, and social media plan


  • Welcome packet + pricing guideline that simplifies the buying process
  • New business cards, post cards, and custom mailer box

Now Sean has a lasting brand that is on target and steadily bringing in new clients and leads better than ever before.   

 Sean, owner of Harborview Studios

Sean, owner of Harborview Studios

Cindy did an absolutely amazing job!

I could not be happier with the level of professionalism and creativity.


Check out Harborview Studios's new website + branding at harborviewstudios.com to see how welcoming the feel is.

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Cindy Caughey

In Good Company Design, Barnstable, MA