Barnstable Democratic Town Committee Branding + Website Reveal

BDTC is a community activist group that encourages positive change in the Cape Cod community and advocates for equality for all citizens. 

They were well aware of how powerful a web-presence is for a grassroots organization and it was time to up their game.

 Barnstable Democratic Town Committee Brand + Website Reveal

Their biggest challenge

BDTC's biggest challenge was that their online presence was more or less an afterthought.

For a small local organization, this wasn't very surprising but they did realize that by actively using their website, they would be able to reach a larger audience on a more consistence basis. 

Their goal

BDTC wanted to grow their organization to be more inclusive to citizens who wanted to be involved but felt insecure in their political knowledge and attract a younger crowd.

To do this they wanted to make the website mobile accessible, educational, and be able to easily integrate their social media channels. 


Our branding and website design plan

Knowing that the younger generations are imperative to an organization—we had to create a new site fast.

A site that would inform members of events, fundraisers, gatherings, protests, and meetings. It also needed to inspire change and show strong leadership. 

Their branding got a solid makeover including a new, fresh logo that reflected their local roots along with their progressive cause.

Their social media was revitalized, focusing on core events that mattered to the organization and the community and now interacts with politicians and other organizations—giving them an even stronger presence throughout the Cape Cod community and the state of Massachusetts. 

A newsletter has been created to keep all members informed on the events of the month and the minutes of meetings in case they weren't able to attend, keeping ALL members involved which keeps momentum going forward on their agenda.

I'm proud to see how far they've come within a year with increased online presence and genuine interaction with their members online.

Check out the Barnstable Democrats new website + branding at to see how inclusive their brand feel is.

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Cindy Caughey

In Good Company Design, Barnstable, MA